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The staff members

With good players alone your team will not get anywhere. You need a number of staff members to keep everything going smoothly. Your staff improves your training and match conditions, and keeps your players in shape, so getting good people is important. But always have their salaries in mind, it can get very expensive.

Your staff members 

(Click on a staff member to get more details) 


  • Leads the tactic training of your team
  • Gives your players a bonus in matches 

Physical therapist

  • Increases the daily energy regeneration 

Fitness coach 

  • Raises the efficiency of the endurance training 
  • Lowers the natural endurance decline

Mental coach 

  • Has a positive effect on you players' form 
  • Has a positive effect on your team spirit

Assistant coach 

  • Increases the efficiency of you player's skill training

Goalkeeping coach

  • Increases effectiveness of goalkeeper training 
  • Gives a bonus to the goalkeeper in matches


  • Reduces the recovery time of your injured players

Financial advisor

  • Negotiates better interest rates for investment plans and loans
  • Increases the effect of negotiations with new staff members


  • Has positive effect on sponsor negotiations

Youth coach 

  • Manages the training for your youth players
  • Gives your youth team a bonus in their matches

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