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Player details

Player details

By double-clicking on one of your players in the player list you can view the player details. Here you will see all information about the player, including a few stats.



At the top of the player details window you may see some symbols. If a player is injured, has a long time commitment contract or received a nick name as youth player it will be displayed here. By clicking the red pin on the right you can save and view notes for a player.






On the bottom left beneath the picture of the player you will find some general information about this player.

  • Country:  Every player was born in a specific country which is shown here. You will see a golden symbol next to the flag if this player was promoted from your own youth team.

  • Age: All players in goalunited are at least 17 years old.

  • Birthday: Each player has a Birthday once per season. This means that each player ages 4 times per real-time year.

  • Height: Tall players have advantages for headers; little players have antvantages when dribbling.

  • Personality:There are different types of personalities a player can have. Each personality gives the players different advantages and disadvantages.

  • Strength: The strength of a player is calculated from his player skills and his experience. The strength is always shown for the current position.

  • Position: There are 5 different positions a player can have.

  • Foot: Most of the football players have one strong foot. Players receive a small bonus when playing on the side of the field where they have their strong food. Some players are stong on both feet and receive a bonus on either side.

  • Salary: The salary of a player is calculated from the market value of the player and the duration of the player contract. The salary is set at the time a new contract is given and is constant for the duration of  the contract.

  • Sales value: The sales value is calculated by the average sales price for other players with similar data on the transfer market. It is calculated once per day and can therefore change quite often. At the beginning of a new contract the sales value is very low because you have to pay a high contract termination fee. Over time the sales value will increase.

At the top right you can see the form, endurance, energy, skills, experience and the talent of the player.

On the bottom right you will see some stats about the player. You can see the number of matches the player participated in, the number of cards he received, and the number of goals he scored. You also find information about the player's contract.


Select the career tab to few the information of the player's career.


You will see all clubs the player played for so far, and if he was promoted from a youth team. If you click on one club more information will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Attention: You need a premium account to view the complete player career. 





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