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The live ticker

This is where it all happens. The live ticker lets you watch your matches live, just about play by play. You can watch your players attack and defend, play nice combinations and kick free kicks.

Every manager can watch his current match in the live ticker, and as a premium account user you can also add up to 5 other matches to watch. You can add matches right from the league overview or from the match table in a managers contact page by klicking the "plus icon" on the right side of the match.


On the left side of the screen you will see the activity on the field. The announcer will not only talk about free kicks, goals, fouls and offside positions, he will also talk about the tactics played, the half time directions given by either manager and how many fans came to the stadium.
Watch your players with special talents perform spectacular moves and score amazing goals.
It is a lot of fun to watch the actions unfold right before your eyes! 

As premium user you can switch between all booked matches by selecing them from the list on the top right.

On the bottom right you see the formations of both teams, and below that the half time directions played. You can play a half time direction card right here by dragging it into the slot from the card deck up until 50 minutes after kick-off. 

For league matches you can also see the flash table by selecting the tab right above the formations. It will show you the current league table assuming that all matches end the way they currently stand.

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