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The form of your players

The form of your players shows how much of their potential the player can show at that moment. The higher the form, the better. The form of a player is an important factor to consider when deciding who to put in a formation.

Every player has an individual form curve that is made up by a target form and a time frame to reach this target form. Every night there is about a 25% that the target form and time frame change. (The chance is lower if a change was recently done.) The more experience a player has, the less likely is a chance to the target form.

  • A form over 70 is considered good 
  • A form of 50 in sonsidered normal
  • A form under 30 is considered bad 

One thing to consider to raise your players' form is to hire a good mental coach. The mental coach positively influences the form curve of your players. The form is also influenced by the team spirit. It is very important to keep the medical facilities in good condition! Only with good building condition your mental coach will work effectively!

Form training 

Regular form training will have a positive effect on the target form. This means that it will over time have a positive effect on all of course team's players, but you will not see a direct improvement.

To raise the form of your players directly, you can play trading cards:

  • The player card increase form will raise the form of one of your players by 2, and will increase the tendency by 1, without taking up a training slot
  • The training card mental relaxtion will raise the form of all of your players by 2, 4 or 6 points. (2 with * card, 4 with ** card, 6 with *** card.)

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