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The stadium balance sheet

Click on Club -> Stadium and choose the tab balance sheet to find this menu. Here you find many details about your stadium and you can adjust a few settings.


Ticket prices

On the top left you can set your ticket prices. Check here for all details about the pricing.

Balance sheet

Below you will find lots of information about your stadium complex. You can see the capacity and condition of your stadium seats, parking lots, public transport system and gastronomy. You also see the reputation of your team here.

Hint: It is important that the sum of the capacity of your public transport system and your parking spots is always higher than the number of your stadium seats. Otherwise not all of your stadium seats can be filled because not enough fans can come to your stadium.

Attention: Pay attention to the condition of the buildings. With decreasing condition the capacity of the buildings will also decrease.

Last home match

Here you find the number of spectatores and the ticket incomes from your last home match and from the complete season. This information is very useful to decide what is the best ticket price for your next home match. 

Weekly balance

Here you can find all income and expenses of your stadium and the gastronomy of the last (ongoing) week. This shows if your stadium is profitable or if you should change something. (Take into consideration that not all weeks are the same. You might have additional home matches, play in the cup and so on.)


On the right side of your screen you get more general informations about your stadium. On the top you see a picture of your stadium and its name. Here you can also change the name of your stadium. Click on the button with the pen symbol next to the stadium name and choose a new name. Changing the name of your stadium costs 25.000€.

Beneath the picture you get more info about your stadium like your stadium level, condition, your turf, and its total value.

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