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The youth complex

Every team needs some young blood from time to time. Building up your own youth team is the best way to get young players with potential for a reasonable price.


The more you build up your youth complex, the more you will be able to do with your youth team. The first buildings will allow for more players to be observed, later the sophisticated buildings will attract better players.

Hint: There are several special building upgrades available for youth complex, all stadium upgrades can be combined:

  • Scout plus (common): allows you one free scouting per day.
  • Change talent plus: allows you to randomly change the talent of a youth player (once per player).
  • Talent plus: will reveal the talent slot of your youth players with the first observation phase, and the talent slot is directly fully trained. Saves 1,5 weeks of observation time. If combined with "Benfica" upgrade observed players will have 2 talent slots revealed and fully trained.
  • Scout plus (rare): allows you one free scouting per day. Scouted player has a minimum strength of 1.6.
  • Defence, Midfield, Wing and Offence academy: each upgrade allows you to observe 4 players on the same position. For example: If you use Offence academy you will be able to select attacking formation which will include 4 strikers.

The higher you advance in your manager career, the more buildings become available!

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