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How to earn GU STARS?

Earn STARS with Sponsorpay

You can receive STARS on our partner websites in a variety of ways! And most of these offers are completely free. They include short tasks like surveys, prize draws or online purchases that only take a moment. After a brief waiting period, the STARS will be credited to your account. These offers are regularly updated, meaning you'll always be able to earn a little extra on the side. Here's how it all works:

 In the STARS Shop window, you can click on "Earn GU STARS" in the bottom right.

How to earn STARS picture

Next click on our partner's banner under step 2 "Special Offer". You can then take a look at the offers available under step 3 "View Offers".

Sponsorpay offers

The overview shows all the ways in which you can currently receive STARS. At the top, you'll find various tabs that help you filter for certain areas. The "Free" option allows you to only see offers that are free of charge. You can also search according to individual tasks, such as surveys, purchases and "More". The various tasks take only a few moments to perform; you'll receive your STARS after a short waiting period.

Earn STARS with the video feature

There's also the option of boosting your STARS account using the video feature. As you perhaps know, you can use the video feature 8 times a day and win in-game money, GU STARS, cards or a Premium Account.

 Simply click on the round video symbol at the bottom left of your screen. Button


Once you have watched a full video lasting no more than 60 seconds, you will then be awarded your prize through a lottery draw! Prizes include: GU STARS!

Rewards for videos

Note: Please bear in mind that the AdBlocker in your browser has to be deactivated to play the videos.

In addition, please note that the icon is only displayed if you currently have the opportunity to win a surprise bonus.

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