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Action cards

Action cards are played during a match to change your strategy in the second half

Action cards

  • Take it slow: Team effort is reduced by 50% (Minimum 50%)

    Take it slow card

  • Encourage: Team effort is raised by 25% (Maximum 150%)

    Encourage card level 1

  • Encourage: Team effort is raised by 50% (Maximum 150%)

    Encourage card level 2

  • Full attack: Team plays more offensive, more chances, high risk of counter attacks

    Full attack card

  • Full defence: Team plays more defensive, fewer chances for both teams

    Full defence card

  • Play for free kicks: Teams tries to get free kicks, yellow cards for dives

Free kick card

  • Get penalties: Teams tries to get penalty kicks, often leads to yellow cards for dives

    Penalty card

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