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Training cards

Training cards let you add an extra training unit to your training day

Training cards

Some trading cards come in 3 versions (common [*], uncommon [**] and rare [***] ). They have the same kind of effect, but the effect of the rare [***] card will be the strongest. The cards are grouped together in this list, with the effect given from * to ***.

  • Endurance training (*, **, ***): Increases endurance of entire team by 2, 4 or 6

    Endurance training cards

  • Mental training (*, **, ***): Increases the form of the entire team by 2, 4 or 6

    Mental training cards

  • Relaxation (*, **, ***): Increases the energy of the entire team by 2, 4 or 6

    Relaxation training cards

  • Team spirit: Raises team spirit by 25

    Team spirit card

  • Combo training: Strengthens your team in 3 ways (Form, enegy, endurance: each +2)

    Combo training

  • Pressing: Adds a training unit for the tactic pressing

    Pressing card

  • Counter-attack play: Adds a training unit for the tactic Counter-attack play

    Counterattack card

  • Powerplay: Adds a training unit for the tactic powerplay

    Power play card

  • Kick and rush: Adds a training unit for the tactic kick and rush

    Kick and rush card

  • Over the wings: Adds a training unit for the tactic over the wings

    Over the wings card

  • Defensive wall: Adds a training unit for the tactic defensive wall

    Defensive wall

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