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Coupon cards

Coupons let you access different premium features.

Coupon cards

  • Building GU STARS (200, 1000): Reduces the cost of a STAR-building by 200 or 1000 STARS

    Stars coupon cards

  • United cup: Free participation/creation of a United cup

    United cup coupon

  • United tournament: Free participation/creation of a United tournament

    United tournament

  • United league: Free participation/creation of a United league

    United league coupon

  • United 1on1: Free participation/creation of a United 1on1

    United 1on1

  • Worker: Allows you to cut the construction or rapair time of your current construction project in half

    Worker coupon

  • Practice match: Free participation/invitation in a practice match

    Practice match coupon

In your list of coupons you can also find coupons for buiding upgrades, Plus staff and Top Team matches (these coupons appear only when you have them unused).

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