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Staff upgrades

In goalunited besides standard staff employees you can also have additional experts that make your managerial life a little bit easier.

There are several types of staff upgrades that help boost your club and take care of specific areas of your club on their own, which allows you to have more time to focus on other tasks within your club.

To access staff upgrades from main menu select "Club" -> "Staff" -> "Upgrades"

Staff upgrades

Sales manager

Melissa Schelf, one of the best sales managers in the world leads your fan shops and fills the shelves instead of you.
With Melissa you have the perfect assistant and you only need to set the prices for your memorabilia, she also responds to demand when refilling and she is always highly motivated.

Shift supervisor

Manfred Stapler, diligent and dedicated employee that ensures regular production in your memorabilia factories. Under his supervision production lines will never be empty.
He is producing memorabilia in 3 hours shifts and he won't allow any shelf-warmers to be produced under his command since his motivation is always at highest possible level.

Manfred Stapler, Shift supervisor


Facility manager

Jack Fountain, is the person that you need to have if you want assistance with the maintenance and well being of your stadium complex buildings. Every 10 minutes he checks if any of your stadium complex buildings needs to be repaired. Of course you can intervene if you are not satisfied with his priority selection.

Jack Fountain, Facility manager


Assistant Youth coach

Simon Young is expert for youth and he brings discipline with his physcial and technical abilities to all youth players in your youth team. With him in your staff team youth players will receive 10% training bonus. He is always highly motivated.

Simon Young, Assistant youth coach


Senior Marketing manager

Michael Oney is true world-class negotiator when it comes to getting best out of sponsor offers for your club. Together with your PR Manager he will negotiate a bonus of 50% to 75%. You then only have to sign the agreement. He is always highly motivated.

Michael Oney, Senior Marketing manager


Note: All staff upgrades can be hired for maximum of 2 years upfront or you can purchase their services permanently. At any time you can activate or deactivate effect of staff upgrades. If your club and its progress gets deleted because of the inactivity of your account, all staff upgrades that you've had will be removed as well.

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