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The league

The league setup

league overview

Each country has their own system of leagues, each country can have one or more individual league systems, these are called with special names such as for example DE - Floodlights and DE - Swerve. In this example it means that there are two league systems in Germany where all clubs compete against eachother in their own systems but can still meet in other official competitions such as, International Masters or Friendly matches.

There is always one 1st league. It is then set up like a pyramid, with four leagues for each superior league (up to league 6).

This means:

  • 1 first league
  • 4 second leagues
  • 16 third leagues
  • 64 fourth leagues
  • 256 fifth leagues
  • 1024 sixth leagues

From the 7th layer on there are always 2048 leagues, so there is always one league per superior league.

Every league has 12 teams. The league matches are played in 2 legs. This means, a team plays every other team in its league twice, one home and one away match. Matches are played twice a week.

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