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The Coach


The Coach leads the tactic training of your team. The more efficient your coach is, the better the training will be.

He also gives a bonus to your team in matches. (Max. bonus per sector is +30%. Max total bonus is 90% with all sector bonuses added together).

The bonus is based on the philosophy of the coach. The coach is the only staff member that follows his own philosophy.

Every coach has one of the following five philosophies:

  • Very offensive - gives his full bonus to the three offensive Sectors (up to 30% each).
  • Offensive - gives 2/3 of his bonus to the offensive sectors and 1/3 to the midfield sectors.
  • Balanced - gives equal bonus for all sectors (up to 10% each).
  • Defensive - gives 2/3 of the bonus to the defensive sectors and 1/3 to the midfield sectors.
  • Very defensive - gives his full bonus on the three defensive sectors.


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