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Negotiating with sponsors

The sponsors' offers you receive are not final, you can negotiate and significantly change the agreements; but if the negotiations fail, the conditions can get a lot worse as well. To raise your chances for successful sponsor negotiations you can hire a PR-Manager.

The coloured bar on the right indicates the sponsor's willingness to negotiate. The higher the bar, the more often you will be able to negotiate the conditions (up to 10 times).
To maximize your chances it is a good idea to wait with your negotiations until you have a few offers available. To negotiate, click the button with the coins.


You can choose between normal and aggressive negotiations. Aggressive negotiations offer a very high potential, but they also carry a great risk of lowering the offer. Normal negotiations are a bit safer. The percentages shown tell you how probable it is that the negotiations succeed. Hit the 'Go' button to begin.

On the right you see the difference to the last and to the initial offer.

When you are happy with the offer, you can sign the agreement.

Note: You can hire Senior Marketing manager and leave negotiations to him. Together with your PR Manager he will negotiate a bonus of 50% to 75%. You then only have to sign the agreement. 

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