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Your players' experience

Every player in goalunited has a certain amount of experience, that means playing experience. And as the name suggests, players can only gain experience by playing in matches. The maximum experience level a player can reach is 100.

The more experience a player has, the more he can make of his skills. A player with 100 experience will therefore have a much higher base than a player with 20 experience, even if the individual skills are exactly the same.

Different match types give different amounts of experience. Players receive the following amount of experience per 120 minutes played (regular match plus extra time):

  • Friendly/Training match: 0.25 
  • League match: 0.4
  • Cup match: 0.6
  • Qualification: 1.4
  • International Masters Group phase: 0.25
  • International Masters knockout phase: 0.8

Experience is given for the exact playing time that a player has been on the field. Players that have to leave the field for an injury or after receiving a red card only get the experience amount for the number of minutes they have been on the field.

Example: If a player played 90 minutes in a league match he will receive 90 / 120 * 0.4Experience points, resulting in 0.3.

Hint: A player with much experience is a lot more suited for being your teams captain than a player with little experience (unless he is introverted).

Ambitious players receive a small bonus and gain a bit more experience in matches.

If you have "Experience plus (common/rare)" stadium upgrades activated your first 11 players (line up) will receive 20% more experience from matches and substitute players receive 90 minutes worth of experience.


There is no experience gain for United matches.

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