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The stadium complex




The stadium complex holds the stadium and the buildings around it. You have:

  1. The stadium (and turf)
  2. Parking and public transportation
  3. Gastronomy
  4. Training facilities
  5. Medical department
  6. Club offices
  7. Decoration
  8. Youth facilities
  9. The fair
  10. Merchandising (factory and fan shop)

As you can see, each construction site has a specific function. For example, the medical department construction site holds all buildings that have to do with the well-being of your players. The first building allows you to hire a physical therapist, with every expansion additional features are added.

A successful team needs a good infrastructure too, good training facilities, a big stadium, a well organised office...

Buildings deteriorate over time, so you have to always have an eye on your stadium complex.

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