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The stadium

The stadium


The stadium is not only a great place for your fans to gather, it is also one of your main sources of income. The more seats you provide, the more fans can come. If you expand slowly and keep your spectators outcome and your tickets prices in mind you can find the best balance to maximize your earnings.

As you advance to higher layers more fans will want to see your team play, so your stadium should keep growing over time.

But be careful: Make sure you provide enough parking and public transportation for your fans to get to the stadium. Otherwise only a handful of spectators can show up.

When the stadium's condition goes down, so does the spectator capacity.

Hint: There are several special upgrades available for the stadium to increase spectator turnout or capacity:

  • Spectator plus (common): It brings 5% more spectators to your stadium.
  • Capacity plus (common): Improves your stadium capacity by 5%.
  • Spectators plus (rare): It brings 10% more spectators to your stadium.
  • Capacity plus (rare): Improves your stadium capacity by 10% and the capacity of your public transportation by 15%.

The turf 

Putting better turf down in your stadium is not only a visual statement. It also provides a lot more comfort during matches to the players on the field. By adding good turf you can significantly reduce the injury risk of all players, your own and those of your opponent.

Make sure you keep your turf well maintained as otherwise the injury risk will go up.

The higher you advance in your manager career, the more stadium pieces and turf varieties become available!

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