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Team spirit

The team spirit shows the solidarity of the players of a team and effects the ball possession during a match positively. The higher the team spirit the higher the effect. Additionally the team spirit will slightly influence the players' form.

To see your team spirit go to training and select the tab training statistics. As you can see in the key the blue line shows the team spirit:

team spirit

General facts

  • the team spirit is a value between 0 and 100
  • when the season starts the team spirit of all clubs is reset to 50
  • the influence of a friendly or practice match is very low
  • the influence of a league or International Masters group phase match is much higher than the influence of a friendly match
  • the influence of a cup, relegation or International Masters knockout round match is a little bit higher than for a league match
  • each team has a baseline of 50 for the team spirit. If the team spirit is above the baseline, the team spirit will go down by 1 per day. (If the team spirit is below or at the baseline, nothing happens)
  • a mental coach raises the team spirit baseline. The maximum baseline is 80.
  • a mental coach also gives a chance to receive +1 team spirit per day. The better the mental coach, the higher the chance.


  • each victory will increase the team spirit by 1 to 15 points
  • a victory against a better opponent (higher team strength) gives a bonus
  • a higher strength difference gives more points than a smaller strength difference (you being the weaker team)
  • a high victory (+2 goals) gives a bonus
  • a victory against Top Team "Les Galactiques de Paris" improves team spirit by +10 (max. 30 times per season)


  • each defeat will reduce the team spirit by 1 to 15 points
  • a defeat against a weaker opponent (lower team strength) gives a bigger deduction
  • a defeat with a higher strength difference leads to fewer points than a smaller strength difference (you being the stronger team)
  • a high defeat (+2 goals) gives a higher deduction


  • each draw will increase or reduce the team spirit by 0 to 5 points
  • if both teams have the same team strength, there is no effect
  • if the opponent is a weaker team, you get a small deduction (draw reduces the team spirit)
  • if the opponent is a stronger team, you get a small increase (draw increases the team spirit)

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