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System requirements and Flash

To play goalunited you need an active internet connection. Do not select "high bandwidth" if your internet connection is slow, this will slow down your game too much! There is no required internet speed, but the slower your connection, the longer it will take for the client to load.

When you login, it can take up to a few minutes for the client to load. After the initial load has completed the game will switch pages rather quickly.

You will also need flash to play goalunited. It is recommended that you always use the newest flashplayer to play! 

Get the newest flash player here

However, if you are using Google Chrome web browser you don't need to download separate flash plugin as it is already included in the Google chrome web browser itself.

If even after you've installed everything required game loader doesn't start, you most likely will need to enable usage of the flash plugin with goalunited URL.
You can do this by simply clicking on the info icon left to the URL bar.

Enable flash

After that simply refresh the page and game will start loading.

If even after you've allowed usage of flash your Google Chrome web browser still prompts you with "No flash plugin" message, then do following:

1.) In URL bar type


2.) Once you've opened this, in search bar type 

Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions

3.) Once you've found this, on the right side click and disable it

You're ready to play!

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