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individual training programs

For each training slot you can select a training unit for your players.


The first training slot of the day is reserved for tactic training. (Check here for more info)

The next slots are designated for general training (the coloured training programs). You start off with just the first slot, to get more slots you need to build training facilities in your stadium.

Your complete team always completes the same training, but each training program focuses on one part of your team. It mainly trains one skill (the first of the two shown) and slightly trains a second skill (the second shown). All players benefit from the training, but a player only received full training effect for the main skill for his position. (A defender will get full benefits from Tackling training, some benefit from playmaking training, but only very little from scoring training.)

It is only possible to train one unit for each skill per day. For example, all red programs are offensive training programs, all of them train scoring as main skill, and another skill as secondary skill. You can only use one of the red training programs per day. 

the last training slot of the day is reseved for general training. Here you can focus more on the skills (on all skills a little) train your goalkeeper, your players' form, endurance or talent. You can also let your players relax by using a relaxation unit, this helps them recover some energy which can be a good idea during stressful times with many matches.

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