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The navigation in goalunited is pretty intuitive. There are a few ways to get around.

The main menu bar 

The most obvious way it to use the menu on the bottom of your goalunited screen. You can find every page of the game here.


  • The buttons in the middle let you navigate within the game.
  • The buttons on the left let you log out/switch to club, turn the sound on and off (sound is work in progress), get to the premium menu to extend your premium account, and navigate to the previous or next page.
  • The buttons on the right bring you to the shop to buy STARS, save your changes on the current page, and bring you to the community forum. 


The right menu bar

The menu on the right side of the screen lets you access the more social parts of the game:

  • The buddy list - View your list of buddies and clubs you are a fan of to easily open their contact page
  • The mentor - View open tasks and view previous messages
  • Your ingame mailbox - View your previous messages or write new message.
  • Friendly and practice matches - You can challenge other teams from here or from their contact page
  • Tell-a-Friend - Invite your friends to goalunited and keep track of your rewards here.
  • And the help system - Ingame support, the forum and the goalunited Answers


Short cuts

Card deck: You can use the menu on the left of the screen to directly access your card deck. This makes it easier to play cards within the game

Next match: Right on the top of the screen you will see your next match. This area is highly useful. You can click on the team logos to open both teams contact pages, or you can click on the date and time to look at the match details and set a formation.


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