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The contact page

On the contact page you can find just about all information about a club, including your own. This is the perfect place to check out your next opponent. 

To open the contact page of your next opponent or your own, you can click on the club logo on the top of your screen that shows the next match. You can also find your own contact page in the "Club" menu. 
For other clubs there are many ways to get to the contact page. You can click on a team in the league table, your buddy list, the club search and just about anywhere in the game where you can see other another manager's or team's name or logo.



The overview page gives you general details about the manager and his club. On your own contact page you can change your club name, supporter's club and stadium name here. 

On the left side you have different ways to interact with the other manager. You can write a message, send buddy list requests, or challenge the team to a match. 

On the right side you can see the clubs trophy wall and an overview of the team's biggest accomplishments. 


On the stadium page you can take a look at your own or any other manager's stadium. (On your own page the picture is clickable to lead you to your stadium complex)

Logo and shirts

Here you can check out others team's club logos and shirts. On your own page you can upload a new logo here and set your shirt designs.


Here you will get a lot of information about the team's players. On other manager's contact pages the salary of each player is hidden. You can get a great overview about your opponent's team here. You can see which players are blocked because of a red card, which ones are injured, and how their form is. It can be a great help to decide your strategy.



Here you get a list of the latest transfers. Again, on other manager's pages some values are hidden.


Match schedule

Here you can get a quick overview of the last and next matches. (On your own page you can also set formations with the formations button right on the right side next to the upcoming matches). 
Hint: The little "+" sign on the right next to the upcoming matches on other manager's pages lets you book a match to watch in the live ticker.



As premium account user you will get a lot of valuable information here. You can get information about the team itself, the players, club achievements and transfers.



The clubhouse shows again the trophy wall, and also the collected flags.

Collecting flags is a nice little challenge in goalunited. To earn a flag all you have to do it play a match against a team from this country. 

On your own page you can also set which trophies and pennants you want to display on your trophy wall here.


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