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The balance sheet

Your financial situation should be checked regularly here, to keep an eye on your running costs and to have the opportunity to react on time, if you are on your way to get into financial trouble.

Account balance

The account balance at the start of the week shows the amount immediately after the financial update. This update is done once a week in the night between Sunday and Monday.

The current account balance corresponds to the value that is also shown in the chart on the right side.

The estimated account balance for the beginning of the next week takes into account all fixed income and expenses. It is only to be seen as a rough estimate.

  • Only the weekly base payment from the sponsor (and from the successive sponsor respectively if the contract is about to end) and a possible payout of bank investments are included in the income.
  • The expenses that are calculated are all fixed charges (salaries for players and employees, youth work expenses, stadium maintenance), maybe overdraft interests and reserved money for player transfers.

Balance sheet

Overview of earnings and expenses of the following assets:

  • Sponsors Payments: Weekly base (accounted for with the weekly financial update) and possibly point bonuses (those are added immediately after the league match)
  • Transfers: Overall profit or loss from all player sales/purchases
  • Reserved for Transfers: sum of all current maximum bids on the transfer market
  • Player Salaries: sum of all players' salaries (Careful: The number shown is the number from the last update, the current salary amount might be higher or lower)
  • Employee Salaries: sum of all employees' salaries that had to be paid with the last financial update and the salaries of possible new employees
  • Youth Sponsorship: amount that was paid with the last financial update for youth work
  • Spectator income: Ticket earnings of the current week
  • Stadium: Maintenance fees, construction costs for stadium parts
  • Stadium complex: earnings: gastronomy income
      expenses: Maintenance fees, construction costs for stadium parts (all but stadium)
  • Overdraft interest  (-x%): If your account is balance is negative the overdraft amount is charged with an interest rate of x% (Loans are less expensive!)
  • Bank: earnings: liquidated or ended investments, loans taken out
      expenses: interest paid, total amount of new investments
  • Miscellaneous: Bonuses (Champion, Youth Champion, Top Scorer, Promotion), Employee Training, Penalties
  • Total Income: sum of all assets above
  • Total Expenses: sum of all assets above
  • Balance: difference income – expenses

Liquidity development

Earnings, expenses and liquidity (account balance in this case) of the last 10 weeks at once. Key date for the past weeks is always the week's Monday. For the rightmost coordinates the current values are taken into account.

Scroll through the balances of the last 10 weeks with the last week / next week buttons.



You should better never get to this point. If your account balance is -500,000 € or lower a club is officially called bankrupt. If your club is bankrupt on the next login you will have the possibility to select from a few options to free yourself from the debt trap. (Like firing all your staff or selling the stadium.) As all of those steps are very drastic, it is better never to get to that point.

Within two weeks you will have to get your account balance to a value of at least -250,000 € and you need not to use one of the above options. In many cases you can earn enough money by selling some players. As long as you still have at least 15 players left.

If after two weeks your account balance is still below -250,000 € your club is adjudged bankrupt and everything will be reset to the original state. You will face the same situation like it was directly after the founding of your club except that you will still be in the same league as before. You will probably have a few hard weeks…

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