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Ingame messages

The Inbox

Click on the envolope symbol in the menu on the right side of your screen to open your inbox. It shows the number of unread messages.


To send a message you can reply to a received private message, use the write tab to begin a conversation or use the form on another manager's contact page.

All incoming Mails (ingame messages) are saved in your inbox up to a maximum number of 50 messages. Unread messages will be marked with a yellow star. From time to time you will also receive messages from the goalunited team with information about changes and updates.
After six months the system will automatically delete all messages that have not been deleted manually. If there is any information you would like to keep longer you should make sure you save it in another way.

If a messages violates the user terms you can report it to the support with the green triangular button that you see inside the message.
Careful: Please make sure you follow the netiquette! Do not insult other players or use other inappropriate terms. If you do, your account might be closed permanently! 

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