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The United ranking

United Points

After every United match, your club receives United points. All points you receive are permanent. The more United points your team collects, the larger your United trophy will get. The United trophy is shown on you club's contact page.

For every United match (cup, league, tournament or United1-on-1) both teams receive United points. The amount of points you receive depends on the strength of the players on the field and the result of the game. That means, a weak team beating a stronger team will be credited more points as the other way around. Even when losing, the team receives United points.

For every match there are 250 United points to earn. The more points a club collected in total, the larger and more valuable the United-Trophy on it's contact page will be.

United Trophy

The United-Trophy keeps growing with every United match a team plays. It adorns the club's contact page and comes in three different versions: a small bronze one first, a larger silver one second and a huge golden one third.

United Ladder

All United matches expect United friendlies can be carried out in Ladder-mode.

In Ladder mode Ladder points are awarded - or lost. You receive points for your victories, and you lose points for you losses. For the calculation of Ladder-Points the difference in prevously achieved Ladder points of the two clubs is crucial. Depending on the outcome of the game and the difference of scored goals, the Ladder-Points are calculated. The greater the success, the more points are given.

For managers with high ambitions, the goalunited ladder offers the possibility to pick opponents and challenge the best teams to a match.

Playing against a club with significantly more Ladder-Points can mean a chance to win lots of points. However, playing against a clup with a lot less points means risking to lose a large number.

Ladder points slowly decrease. Every day one Ladder point is deducted (they never go below zero though). This means that clubs not competing in Career-Mode for some time will slide down the ranking slowly, making for a better comepetition of active clubs.

Calculation of United-Points

United-Points are calculated like that:

     P1 = 250 * (0.06 * dG + (S2 / (S1+S2))
     P2 = 250 - P1


  • dG: Goal difference of home team
  • S1: Teamstrength of home team
  • S2: Teamstrength of away team
  • P1: Points of home team
  • P2: Points of away team


  • the team strength is the sum of the strength of all players from one team on the field
  • the points a team receives is between 0 and 250 

Calculation of Ladder-Points

The calculation of the Ladder-Points is more complex. It is similar to the Elo_rating_system respectively the FIFA_World_Rankings. In goalunited it is implemented the following way:

     P = (k * G * (W - (1 - 1 / (1 + 10^(dP/400)))


  • P: Points
  • k: Constant dependent on match type
  • G: Factor dependent on goal difference
  • W: 1 on victory; 0,5 on tie; 0 on defeat
  • dP: Difference of Ladder-Points between the two teams

the following applies to k:

Match typeValue
United-Friendly 20
United-League 30
United-Cup 40
United-1-on-1 50

the following applies to G:

Goal difference (dG)Value
0 or 1 1
2 1,5
sonst (11 + dG) / 8

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