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The United lounge

The United lounge


In the United Lounge all United Events can be managed. You can also look up all public events, no matter if they have taken place a long ago, currently ongoing or still about to take place. Premium Account members can observe events. You do not need to participate in events to see or observe them.

you can also create new United events here, with lots of different options to choose from. 

My Events  

In here you get a list of all of your events:

  • Events your team currently participates or has previously played in
  • Events that you have organized or are currently organizing
  • Events that are currently observed by you

Selection an event from the list shows you all options that have been set. Select one of the 4 tabs on the bottom right to get even more infos. You can get a list of all participants, view the press releases and take a look at the match schedule. Keep reading for more information about the different options that can be set.

Search options

To find specific events or to look for event to join, you can set a range of different filters. To do so, select the search tab on the top. Some of the filter options might be combined but some disclose each other.

In the quick search you just select the type of event you are looking for. In the advanced search you can search by size, status and by the selected options.

Selection an event from the list shows you all options. You also have the option here to watch the event (as premium owner) and to participate.

Creating a United event

Creating a United Event is very easy. An easy-to-use dialog system will assist you.


First you have to select what type of event you want to create. These three different types may be chosen:

  •  United Cup: Cup events can be created with different numbers of competitors. All cups will take place in the knock-out-system without return matches. If less than half of the maximum number of participants do register the event will be cancelled and the GU STARS are refunded.
  • United League: League Events can be generated for a number of 4 up to 20 teams. A second leg may be played in all leagues up to 10 participants. If there are less registered clubs as the announced maximum number the event will be resized and the trophy will automatically be adjusted. As the GU STAR cost is dependent on the number of registered clubs there will be a refund in this case. If there are less than 4 teams the league will be cancelled completely.
  • United Tournament: United tournaments are a combination of cups and leagues. They begin with a short phase in league mode, with the winners advancing to the knock-out phase. 

(more about United cups, leagues and tournaments)

(To create a 1on1 select the menu point "1on1")


General settings

  • Name - choose an individual Name for your Event
  • Number of Participants - the maximum number of participants
  • Hide event - non-public events cannot be found through the search nor can they be observed by other managers. Registration on private events is only possible through personal invitation of the host (You invite clubs through the club's contact page).
  • Password - if a password is entered a club cannot register for this public event without knowing the password
  • participate yourself - particapate as host
  • advanced settings - when this options is checked more options become available.

Advanced settings and filter

Only one of the following options can be selected at a time:

  • Ladder-Mode - to play for Ladder-Points
  • Handicap - to play with a Handicap. (A handicap is a good option to set when teams with different strengths play in the same event. It will even out the teams and give everyone a chance to win by choosing good formations and tactics.)

Additionally up to five “requirements for participation” can be set. The options are:

  • Filter by Strength
  • Filter by Country
  • Filter by Layer
  • Filter by Ladder-Points

Only teams that meet all set requirements can register for an event.

Match dates

First you set if return matches are played. Leagues and tournaments allow this option.

Then you can select match dates by clicking them. It is possible to play a complete event in one day, or to spread it out over a longer time.

Finally the duration of the registration phase can be set (1-31 days). The deadline for registration and the date of the first match (at least 24 hours after the deadline) will be calculated accordingly. Also the date of the last match will be displayed.

Please note that a cup played with matches in an interval of 4 hours will only leave very little time for setting the formation between the matches. For that reason you may change your formation for all United Event matches until 30 minutes before the start of the match. 


Here you see the costs for the event. United Cups do cost each participant 150 GU STARS, the charges for United Leagues depend on the number of match dates (less than 100 GU STARS per match). The number of match dates will be shown as well.

You can also select to pay the complete charges for the event, in that case the event is free for all other participants.

Lastly a brief description might be entered and the trophy checked, before finally creating the event. You just have to click the button that displays the costs.


  • You may participate in as many events per day and week as you like.
  • Simultaneous match dates are not a problem, as the live-ticker does display several matches at once.

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