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United Matches

The United system


All those managers that can't get enough satisfaction with their regular matches have another option: United matches! There is nothing less to earn than fame and glory, trophies for your club house, manager experience, United points for the United trophy and excitement through competition with friends and other goalunited managers.

United matches don't have the same effects as other matches in goalunited. Your team will compete in it's current state, yet it won't be affected by United matches. Your players won't lose energy or gain experience. Injuries and cards received will disappear right after the United match is finished.

United matches usually have to be paid with GU STARS, unless they are part of a promotion.

1-on-1 matches offer the chance to arrange a single game spontanously (against a specific opponent, or random), while competing with friends and colleagues in a United league cup or tournament allows for ongoing fun. The United ranking shows how active and successfull a team is playing in United events.

Special features of United matches

  • No positive effects on players (e.g. No experience gain)
  • No negative effects on players (e.g. No energy loss, Injuries removed after match, Cards removed after match
  • Engegament fixed on 100%
  • No stadium income (ticket price set to 0)
  • Gain of United points for United trophy
  • Gain or loss of ladder points (If ladder mode is selected)
  • Handicap can be set for most matches

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