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Plus staff

Plus staff members are unique type of employees that can be hired in your club, these staff members can be hired only by using plus staff coupons for the each staff position in your club.

To use your plus staff coupons from the main menu select Club -> Staff and redeem your plus staff coupon by clicking on the button with a plus and figurine icon.

Plus figure

Plus staff members are always highly motivated and their motivation stays at 100 during their first 90 days in the club. After 90 days, motivation starts decreasing.
When using plus staff coupon for the first time on one of your staff positions, your plus staff member for that position will have a qualification higher for 5 points and his salary will be -10% less than it was for previous employee at that position.

In a case of the Coach plus, you can also choose a personality of the coach.

Plus staff

Careful: If you already used plus staff coupon for any of the staff positions, in order to get full effect with next plus staff coupon you must hire new staff employee for that position, otherwise you will only receive fixed motivation (100) for 90 days and not Bonus of +5 for the qualification and lower salary (-10%).

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